Appropriate Capacity and Training
for the benefit of Sub-Saharan
Africa Water Security

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Case Study Areas

Lower Kafue and Kaleya Basin, Zambia

Documents finalized will be available at the end of the project

Key Issues

Inadequate & unsustainable water supply services in urban and peri-urban areas. Inadequate human, technical and financial resources to improve water supply and sanitation service delivery in urban and peri-urban areas

Water Supply Management

Need to increase sustained access to water supply & sanitation in both urban and peri-urban areas by strengthen-ing institutional and policy frameworks, and improving systems for service delivery to achieve 75% accessibility to reliable water supply by 2015

Waste Water Management

Need to enhance wastewater management systems to achieve 60% adequate sanitation by 2015

Key IWRM Objectives

Creation of a Zambia, where all users have access to water & sanitation, and utilise them in an efficient and sustainable manner for wealth creation and improved livelihoods by 2030

Pilot Area Focus

Per-urban, Urban

Key Research Objectives

  1. To assess impacts of over abstraction of surface water by water users in the Lower Kafue and Kaleya basin.
  2. Assess the effects of Chemical fertilizers on the ecosystem in the river basin.
  3. To determine water quantity and quality for mining and domestic use in Naluwama area.