Appropriate Capacity and Training
for the benefit of Sub-Saharan
Africa Water Security

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Case Study Areas

Senegal River Basin, Delta system and Upper Basin, Senegal

Documents finalized will be available at the end of the project

Key Issues

The influence of climate variability and climate change on the sustainability of the water supply system. Conflict from multiple users. (energy, irrigation, water supply, navigation)

Water Supply Management

The installation of dams currently enables year-round availability of freshwater for irrigation, drinking water and to generate electricity.

Waste Water Management

Increased land degradation and the lack of effective waste water treatment results in a significant increase in prevalence of known and new water-borne diseases.

Key IWRM Objectives

Securing resilience in the functioning of specifically the upland (‘water tower’) components of the water system under predicted increased climate variability and change.

Pilot Area Focus

Upper basin scale, rural.

Key Research Objectives

  1. Determine the factors which influence the resilience of specially the water tower component of the water supply and water use system in the context of increased climate variability and change.