Appropriate Capacity and Training
for the benefit of Sub-Saharan
Africa Water Security

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Case Study Areas

Lake Malombe Catchment Area, Malawi

Documents finalized will be available at the end of the project

Key Issues

The importance of the groundwater component to the water resource system
of the Rift valley.

Water Supply Management

The groundwater quantity contribution to surface water flow in the Rift valley.

Waste Water Management

The contribution of groundwater quality to the quality of surface water flow in Rift
valley and opportunities for using wastewater.

Key IWRM Objectives

The sustainable management specifically of ground water resources as a key component
to surface water flow providing for more sustainable livelihoods and economic development.

Pilot Area Focus

Rural, basin scale.

Key Research Objectives

  1. To determine the hydro-climatological processes of the catchment and expected trends under a changing environment.
  2. To assess key processes governing ground and surface water quality and their possible impacts on human health and lake productivity.
  3. To determine how effective the governance system is in managing the use of the natural resource.