Appropriate Capacity and Training
for the benefit of Sub-Saharan
Africa Water Security

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Case Study Areas

Ramotswa Wellfields in Gabarone Catchment, Botswana

Documents finalized will be available at the end of the project

Key Issues

Modelling and soil water enhancement in rain-fed agricultural systems.

Water Supply Management

Improve water use efficiency and enable effective demand management.

Waste Water Management

Recycle water to reduce pressure on fresh water resources while conserving the environment.

Key IWRM Objectives

Sustainable development and use of water resources.

Pilot Area Focus

Rural, basin scale.

Key Research Objectives

  1. To establish the causes and extent of groundwater pollution in the Ramotswa Wellfields.
  2. To determine possible mitigation strategies.
  3. To determine the quantity of water use and water use practices in the agricultural sector.
  4. To identify the main factors affecting inflows into the dam.